<-- Back  This was my first High Power Solid State Amplifier - done back in 2004. In earlier years I did some bigger tube amplifiers. (Along with all the down-sides, like no automatic band switching, no auto tune, 3 minutes delay for heating, bad efficiency, high noise, lots of additional heat). I ever used them remote in the basement of my house, but quick qsy was a nightmare! A new century began by using this sweet, tiny amplifier! - at least for me!

The Hagenuk PA500 module was modified by using 6-times BLW95 (2 of them as drivers). The original semiconductors (BLX 15) became unavailable. Output is 500W with built-in Power Supply, Low Pass Filter and failure detections. Max Gain is about 27dB. 5 years later (in 2009) the PA got modified and got a black new front panel and an Icom-Interface.