The design of a 1KW HF Amplifier is a bunch of work - no doubt. It starts with the basics and continues with lots of mechanics. Finally a lot of small accessories have to be developed to make it work.

Everything together must work while providing proven reliability. The following steps have all been done one after the other - you can follow them here from A to Z (of course over time).

Enjoy - and please don't forget: Good ideas are always very welcome. Also if you decide to create something similar please let me know as well. HAM-Radio lives from new ideas and homebrew products. (Even when this is nothing really new)

Keep in mind: Buying an Icom PW-1 or similar is finally doing the very same - it delivers a KW of HF. It's a bit more expensive but who cares? This project doesn't stand for any savings - nor in time or money - it's more "Do it yourself !" This is what HAM-Radio is all about, right?


Step 1 - Collecting the major parts in order to define the final dimensions:                                      Parts &  More

             The final dimensions w/o rack mounting & wheels are roughly 400 x 400 x 265 mm. (15,75" x 15,75" x 10,43")

Step 2 - The Front Panel - Visit  & download the design tool!

             The Alu material for the housing can be ordered here:      Metal Work


Step 3 - The picture story of how building such a 1KW-toy ... lots of work but lots of fun too!               Construction



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