This is the 2nd project using High Power MOS FETs. These are the most capable transistors in the industry (especially if you consider the 50 MHz-capability and the high gain vs. frequency).

Each HOG handles 1,3 KW power dissipation. Cooling is a big advantage and easier to handle too: 975 Square Millimetre for 1350W is much better than just 200 Square Millimetre for 300W (MRF150). Also the MRF150 is producing about 50% of the max. heat dissipation under full load - in other words: 150W into 200 sq-mm. The huge MRF154/157 is producing 600W of heat, but into 975 sq mm! This is roughly 22% better! More important: The safety room of the MRF150 is just 150W, the MRF154/157 still offers 750W of room under full load! What a difference!!!

There is a downside: The high price. The MRF150s (used in the first project) are relatively cheap - the MRF154 & MRF157 are about 10-times more expensive and Power out is only 4 times higher. But there is no need for splitter, combiner or 8 matched transistors. 1,2 KW of very clean and solid RF from 1 to 50 MHz in a 2-transistor design with just 10 Win... You may agree - this appears to be pretty sexy...

Can you imagine running 8 of these HOGS in one compact Power-Amplifier? Let's wait for the first test results... :-)

But to be honest the plan is already born now running 4 amps in parallel...

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