<-- Back  The KSG1300 is a fully solid state based bipolar amplifier using a 28V driver and 4 * 50V-powered BLW95 based amplifiers. One cabinet is using 20 times BLW95 - input is ~5W, output is capable up to 2KW. As you can see - both cabinets are running on separate 3 phase 400V mains.

After deep modifications I'm now able to run 2 KSG1300s in parallel (optional & switchable) - all modules have been synchronized and optimized, 8 professional 1800W-Eaton switch mode power supplies @50V and 2 for 28V have been added and also a modified splitter and combiner. Maximum output on all bands is 4 KW @IM3 > 30dB, but the motivation doing all this work was best possible IM3. The result:  >40dB@ 750Wout with 2 Watts Input only.

Also using both cabinets for PSK31 or RTTY for hours needs not even a fan! Efficiency is superb - reliability not seen elsewhere before. Finally it was more than fun getting this completed... :-)

This amplifier is in daily use since many years now! It never ever failed...